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This is artist development #AnotherWay.

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Emileena will demonstrate how to build a foundation for your art (however you define it) that is balanced, sustainable, and strategic. That is the Dao of artist development. Whether you're looking to discover, formalize, or grow your artistic talents, you can maximize your potential by bridging the divide between Arts and Business. You will receive four months of access to complete this two-month program.

Time Management

Unlock the secrets to managing your time more holistically so that you can balance work time with family, social activities, and creative inspiration.


Learn how to manage the inevitable rollercoaster of disillusionment that emerges from staying true to your unique, authentic self.

Resources & Tools

Discover easily accessible resources and tools you didn't know you had at your fingertips!


Where Arts Meets Biz.

A Note from Emileena

I've been working with creative minds for over twenty years, empowering instead of taming. As a dao practitioner and artist development expert, I'm on a journey to end the exploitative cycles that block creativity.

My Vision is a world where every artist feels free to express themselves without the threat of exploitation; where all definitions of art are considered equal to technology, financial services, and government systems.

I've developed an innovative approach to navigating the doubt, self-sabotage, and disillusionment that plagues artists. It's called the Sustainability Cycle and it is the foundation of my work in development.

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About Emileena,

the Artist Whisperer

Emileena entered the NYC Arts scene over fifteen years ago, producing an international theater festival and working with artists from around the world. 

After launching The Show Goes On Productions, her work began to focus on emerging trends in entertainment. There she found herself stuck inside a self-perpetuating system of exploitation, witnessing many artists losing the fight. She would have been lost too if not for an excursion to an ayahuasca retreat in the Peruvian mountains. Upon her return, she found a solution she feels belongs to the world: a paradigm shift that starts one artist at a time. She calls it The Sustainability Cycle. This is her art.

Her current work focuses on building sustainable careers #AnotherWay, using entrepreneurial strategies that prioritize the artist over their art.  She co-founded ARTSLAB, an incubator program that cultivates #ArtsMeetsBiz, served on the board of Conscious Capitalism NYC, and helped build Arts programming for the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce. She's a graduate of the Commercial Theatre Institute, SUNY/Kaufmann's Fasttrac program for entrepreneurs, and a Purdue University alum.

See all of Emileena's producing credits, workshops, and publicity on www.showgoesonproductions.com.

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